Bible Studies/Fellowships 

We welcome you to come be a part of one of our many groups. You will be greeted with a warm welcome from the moment you step foot into a study, prayer group, or event regardless of your faith. All our leaders will share a biblically-based message with fellowship and prayer. Be sure to have a bible ready . All meetings take place via ZOOM, WEBEX and MS_TEAMS. See you soon.


Jesse Esquivel

(602) 670-4411

 Monday Fellowship (Co-Ed)

Monday  from:  Noon - 1:00pm

Phoenix City Hall 10th Floor East Conference Room and 
available via Microsoft Teams
(contact Jesse Esquivel  at 602.670.4411 to join)



Jaime Brown

(623) 640-1935

 Aviation Bible Study (Co-Ed)

Every other Tuesday: Noon - 1p.m.

Available via  WeBEx

(contact Jaime Brown at for more information)

Yvonne Soto

(602) 534-9803

 Employees for Christ Women's Devotional 

Every Tuesday: Noon - 1p.m.

Available via Microsoft Teams 

(contact Yvonne Soto at 602.534.9803 to join)


Jess Mayer

(602) 723-7553


Mike Campbell

(602) 768-2512

Food for Thought - Bible Study and Fellowship (Co-Ed)

Every Wednesday: 11a.m. - Noon

23rd Ave WWTP Bldg 37 Conference Room and  available via ZOOM []


Meeting ID: 894 7605 5945

Passcode: 092708

(contact Jess Mayer at 602.723.7553 or Michael Campbell at 602.768.2512 to join)


Donald Mayes


 Thursday Afternoon Bible Study and Fellowship (Co-Ed) 

Every Thursday:  Noon - 1 p.m.


Thank you for deciding to be part of a loving community. Here is the link to download the free Book of John study guide.



 Available via ZOOM : to start or join a scheduled Zoom meeting


Passcode: 1AtiSs

ID: 839 301 2275

(contact Donald Mayes at 602.262.6790 to join)