Food for Thought 

23rd Ave WWTP Bible Study 

The Book of Acts

For Mar 18,2020 (Ananias' faith and obedience - Saul's healing and filling) Acts 9:10-20

1. What was the three step process Ananias went through when the Lord came to him? Hint v10, v13-14,v17

2. Why did Saul spend time with the disciples in Damascus?

3. After his conversion, healing and meeting, what did Saul do? How is this similar to Acts 2:4 and v Acts 2:38-40?

4. Do you remember your conversion?  What did you want to do immediately after?

For Mar 25,2020 (The Faith of the Church) Acts 9:21-30

1. Whose strength did Saul increase with as he spoke to people?

2. Why did the people in Damascus want to kill Saul?

3. What verses show the human side of the disciples and God's mercy for them to overcome? Is God doing that for you today?