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Please Pray for:

  • COVID-19 patients in the hospitals and clinics

  • Unemployed people

  • Marriages and families

  • Doctors, nurses and support staff for strength, safety and rest.

  • 1st responders (Police, Fire and Emergency)

  • Wisdom for COP Leadership

  • Wisdom for State of Arizona leadership

  • Wisdom for The United States of America leadership

  • Peace and God’s mercy

  • For families which have lost loved ones for peace and comfort

  • For those folks becoming COVID-19 positive, that there be no shame and that we would continue to love, pray and support them.

  • For shut-ins and elderly who are alone during this time

  • For prisoners and corrections officers

  • For God’s Will, Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding and Discernment for all

  • Churches and missions

  • Pastors and church leaders

  • Joy and hope for Saints struggling with isolation

  • Encouragement to believers to fortify their homes ( through prayer ) against the enemy.

  • Healing older family members suffering from memory loss.

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