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Our History

City Of Phoenix Employees For Christ officially became an employee development group in 1995, sanctioned by the City Manager & recognized as an organization that brings faith based encouragement to the work place. The vision began in the heart of one man by the name of Carl Meyer who in 1993 began walking the streets of down town Phoenix praying for our city government, in which prayer & Bible studies were created. Prayer meetings were held at the San Carlos Hotel on Central Ave & Monroe St. Faithfully men and women would come together to pray for our City and its Leaders.

Bible studies were being facilitated by Rick Letz & Phil Graf inside The Calvin C. Goode Building which was Phoenix City Hall at the time. God answered prayer! 1995 was the historic year that COPEFC established the original seven, the first COPEFC executive board members of a faith based organization that God would use to bring a shift within our City. This group was established to provide a consistent intercessory prayer for our Officials, and decisions that were being made in our city. Weekly bible studies & prayer groups were being facilitated in 1997 when the newly built City Hall was completed. City Hall 10 West, the conference room that was facilitated for the study & prayer groups, is still being used today for intercessory prayer for our City Officials & employee prayer needs.

The first Board was: Tony Kern, Greg Cleveland, Mike Friesbe, Rick Letz, Marie Smith, Susan Aguire, Jim Kelly. Individuals like Bob Wingenroth, Peggy Bilstein, & June Higgins were all instrumental in the ordained plan of God.


- Greg Cleveland (1995-1999)

- Mike Friesbe (1999-2005)

- John Watson (2005-2007)

- Laura Kaino (2007-2013)

 - Jesse R. Esquivel (2013-2018)

- Sylvia Chacon (2018-Present)

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